Company Policy

  Quality Policy The Management of ELETTROMATEC SRL has approved its own company policy, established on site and periodically verified in system review venue. To achieve the goals indicated in the policy, the Management has implemented the following tools: • Planning and implementation of a business management system compliant with the UNI EN ISO standard 9001 including a Management Manual, management procedure and operating instructions to cover the whole system management; • Creation of a permanent structure (Manageable System Management) that manages the entire system thus ensuring the correct management of the company over time; • Internal and external audit activity to guarantee a continuous monitoring of the application of the same; • Involvement of personnel through awareness raising, training and staff training on Quality issues. The Quality Policy is applied to all the activities and in all the structures of ELETTROMATEC SRL as better specified at paragraph 1.2 of the Manual. ELETTROMATEC SRL takes care of the diffusion of its own Corporate Policy towards all the people that the organization for the organization on behalf of it, including contractors working at the organization’s facility, through the promotion of explanatory meetings and the posting of the same in company spaces; it is the commitment of this organization to provide products / services responding to contractual requirements and customer expectations, including in the context of efficient and compatible processes the environment, in harmony with the needs of the autumn and with the need to contain the consumption of raw materials and reduce any effluents, that the company services meet the expectations of the Clients, in terms of reliability, efficiency and compliance with contractual technical requirements and regulated standards, and that they are necessarily associated with the costs to be rendered competitive on the market and allow profit, but at the same time without negatively impacting the surrounding environment; the above is fundamental to guarantee business continuity in a market, as is the one in which ELETTROMATEC SRL operates. The DIG commits itself, making available human, instrumental and economic resources, pursuing a policy that it places at center of activities both internal and external customers and continuous improvement objectives, as an integrated part of the its business and as a strategic commitment to the more general aims of the company To achieve this important objective, a management system is in place that involves the operating range company, all company personnel and the most well-known service providers performed by the same. To maintain this System, defined in the Management Manual and in the documentation referred to by this, contribute to all the business functions through the constant application of the prescriptions contained in it. The RGI is assigned the task and the verification authority, through appropriately planned reviews and inspections, that this System is respected by all, is to offer the necessary interventions for its improvement and to prevent the recurrence of deviations. The aforementioned function is given the authority to suspend System, until the problems encountered are resolved with the help of appropriate interventions and are necessary implement corrective actions to remove the identified causes. For these reasons, this DIR promotes the following directives with this policy: a. for customer satisfaction – The Company must identify the requirements of its customers and their expectations, it must be ready to review them on their request, on their own initiative, must be critically re-examined by their ability to meet these requirements and expectations and must maintain the channels of communication with the Customers to control the degree of satisfaction. – The absence of complaints and the satisfaction of the contractual requirements of the products do not necessarily imply actual customer satisfaction. All the possible elements that must be identified and monitored contribute to the customer’s assessment of the company’s performance. – All business functions that operate in the interface with users have the task of working we must also the same perception of a company capable of listening, of concretizing their needs and of act promptly to resolve all problems encountered. – The claims formulated must be considered by the concerned company functions not only as problematic to be resolved in a timely manner, but also as indicators of poor customer satisfaction; The claims formulated must be considered by the concerned company functions not only as problematic to be resolved in a timely manner, but also as indicators of poor customer satisfaction; therefore they must be of incentive to improve one’s work. The success and safety of the company work passes through the professional and cultural improvement of the collaborators; it will therefore be pursued through adequate staff training. resources must be taken care of as competitiveness and efficiency are achieved with everyone’s convinced cooperation It is therefore important that the choices are shared with our collaborators to make implementation easier and faster. The DIG undertakes, by making human, instrumental and economic resources available to pursue a policy that it places at center of activities is both internal and external customers, so that the objectives of continuous improvement are part integral part of its business as a strategic commitment to the more general aims of the company In particular, internal customer satisfaction is pursued through moments of verification and updating on issues related to the products and services offered. The objectives that the management always sets are: – Improving market reputation – Constant reduction in the number of complaints – Compliance with explicit and implicit contractual commitments The achievement of this group of objectives is constantly monitored through the detection of company indicators and analysis of complaints. c. for Continuous Improvement – All ELETTROMATEC SRL employees must consider themselves involved in the continuous improvement process of the Company and its environmental performance as well as endeavoring to ensure that the activity of ELETTROMATEC SRL aims to prevent any form of environmental pollution. ELETTROMATEC SRL, in this regard, it undertakes to comply with all the environmental obligations that the organization subscribes to outside the mandatory ones. Each function manager must coordinate his / her collaborators by directing them to continuous improvement as already specified above for environmental aspects. – Each employee is included in a customer / supplier relationship within the company; as a customer must cooperate to improve the service of your supplier, as a supplier you must make sure that your own customer is satisfied. – External suppliers or company partners must be involved in the process of continuous improvement on a par of company personnel. – Measurement of environmental performance and business processes is the tool for knowledge and improvement of the same: all the functions are involved to identify and implement appropriate metrics of measuring and evaluating the results obtained. This Company Policy is the reference framework for setting Company objectives and goals and for the execution of the periodic review.